Windie s.r.o.

Our priority is always to help the customer. We try to meet the customer’s expectations and help achieve the necessary goals.

Important aspects:
• Communication

Our mission

We help small and medium-sized companies achieve a modern environment without the need for huge costs. Our goal is to provide quality services and modernize companies.


To be the first choice for companies that need:

  • Modernize your environment
  • They seek support for existing projects
  • Regular delivery of quality services
  • Microsoft Cloud License Purchase Advice

Our goal is to provide companies with all the IT needs so that they can fully focus on their business without any pitfalls.

Radim Kocian

Founder, Systems Engineer

I’ve been in IT technology since 2016.

My work filled me right from the first days and gave me the courage to push on.

In 2018, I decided to go into business on the job, helping different entrepreneurs as their personal “I.T.” Since that same year, I have developed my knowledge with the Microsoft 365 environment and with the server technologies that I am committed to today. With the start of 2021, I decided to take it to a higher level and start a company called Windie s.r.o..

My goal is to help small or medium-sized companies and provide them with quality services for the comfortable running of their business.

Our partners